Hello! My name is Julie aka The Craft Ninja. I live in California with my husband Phillip, dog Drama and cat Sasha.

I grew up in New Hampshire (Live Free or Die!) while Phillip grew up in California (Eureka!). A few years after I’d moved to California, Phillip and I serendipitously met at a didgeridoo festival. (The one we met at and went to for a few years is no longer going. Here is one we went to once in Oregon.) He was living in Arizona at the time. We got married a few years after. I love this guy!


Traveling is a passion of ours. Last year we went on a two month road trip that we named Road Trippin’ Ball’s. We drove around the US visiting parks, friends and family, camping most of the way. Click the link if you’d like to experience 8 chapters of our adventure.

I love yoga. I went through teacher training and although I did not do anything with it, I very much enjoy knowing how to create my own tailored classes!


My true passion is creating. Here are a few things I excel at!


I grew up learning all sorts of crafts from my mom and haven’t stopped learning new things every day!

Crochet – Blankets, baby blankets, scarves, infinity scarves for humans and animals

Beading – Jewelry, embellishments, Mala Beads

Woodwork – Desks, outside benches, chalk boards, corn hole boards (for these I team up with my husband)

Fimo – creations for your Fairy Gardens

Painting – Acrylic paintings

Costuming – Alice, Rabbit, Red and Wolf, Taco Dog

Photography – I love taking photos and I’m not too shabby at it.


Sewing – mobiles, skirts, baggy cozy pants, sling bags, eye pillows, yoga mat bags, baby quilts, t-shirt quilts, Pillow covers, light alterations, cornhole bags, duvets.


When I was a young one, I wrote poetry. When I was in my 20s I studied Writing after a crazy journey through Fashion and Graphics school. I am blogging from time to time and  working on a novel when the ideas are flowing.


Some people say I’m a bit of a neat freak from time to time. I say, I am the tetris queen when it comes to packing, unpacking and organizing. I have fun putting things in order, tossing old stuff that isn’t needed, and donating to Goodwill. Out with the old and unused, in with the good energy! I also did the majority of the organizing and packing of our supplies for our road trip. Here is a photo of our dog Drama packed in with it all! 



Because my husband says so!  I started cooking perched on a stool and I love it to this day. I am a creative whiz with what happens to be around the kitchen. Check out this Chicken Soup recipe I created!


 I have made bouquets for two weddings now. Hand me a bunch of flowers from Costco and I make simple, pretty and affordable bouquets, bridesmaids bouquets, boutonnières and whatever is needed!

Bouquet 2

This is me in a nutshell! Hope you enjoy my blog, my ninja skills and your day!

Julie Anne Ball

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